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Innovation, our distinguishing mark in Spain and in Europe

Our aim is to contribute to the international impact of SARGA in those fields where the company holds wider knowledge and experience, as well as to create new courses of action.
SARGA counts with wide experience in the management of EU and international funding projects in different fields such as clean energies, biomass, rural sustainable development, efficiency of irrigation systems, climate change, waste management, environmental quality or forest fires.
Aragon has been awarded with diverse international prizes. In this sense, the Aragon Special Water Treatment Plan was awarded by Global Water Intelligence -the most prestigious magazine worldwide in the water sector- with the Global Water Award as second best environmental project of the year.
Besides, the pioneer experiences of Aragon in waste water treatment and integrated management of waste, have raised the interest of the OECD, who included the Aragon Water Treatment Plan as a best practice in its Horizontal Water Plan.
Thanks to EU funding projects, SARGA develops demonstration projects and offers innovative solutions, such as those proposed for the management of manure, which includes farming valuation and the use of treatment technologies (energy valuation, decrease of nutrients etc.). We aim to optimize our management and to ensure the sustainability of the livestock sector.
The efforts developed in that field were recognised by the European Commission, who identified SARGA’s project as one of the best 5 EU LIFE projects in 2012. 
Besides, SARGA develops innovative solutions in the field of biomass, particularly in the management of short rotation crops for energetic purposes. We draft strategic plans for the implementation of biomass as renewal energy in the framework of pilot projects of rural development or the start-up of biomass logistic centres.
In addition, we develop an on-going work in the study and research of the last available technologies through our membership to the Spanish Technological Platform for Biomass (BIOPLAT).

Moreover, we have also developed projects at European level to improve the promotion of regional renewal energy policies in rural areas, and to strengthen green jobs, foster the entrepreunership in the agrifood sector through business training, water scarcity policies, rural sustainable development, forest management, climate change policies and OPEN DATA, amongst others.

We actively cooperate in international tenders’ competition; we support the participation and chance of success of Aragon and Spanish consortia in competitive examinations and procurement competitions. Our experience and understanding of the public sector enables us to take part at tenders for the provision of services or for the performance of construction work called by multilateral bodies and capacity building agencies from different countries. We provide consulting services to EU non-member countries, developing countries and countries with economies in transition for the support of projects on the environment, water, agro-industry, waste management, livestock services, improvement of public procurements and sustainable rural development; all, in collaboration with organizations from the public and private sectors.

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